CfA: Media, Materiality and the Performance of History (Siegen, 24.-25.5.18)

Date: 24th and 25th of May 2018
Place: Locating Media, Siegen (Herrengarten 3, 217/18)
Organisers: prof. William Uricchio (Comparative Media Studies MIT, lead), Asher Boersma (Locating Media Universität Siegen, coordination)

Participants: 10-15 Phd candidates (and possibly early career academics) who work with historical sources

Media and mediality; matter and materiality; performance and performativity … these paired terms and the ambivalent meanings they invoke (at least in English) undergird the project of doing history. The workshop will explore these terms and the spaces within each couplet from both theoretical and practical perspectives. It will encourage an experimental and innovative approach to historical research that includes grounded speculation. And it will reflect on the implications of sources and interpretive strategies for the kinds of historical utterances we are able to make. As both traditional and media historiography shift to include the digital, we have an opportunity to step back, reflect upon, and engage in a broader interrogation of sources, methods, and strategies in media history.

Goal: to look beyond the historiographic status quo as a way of putting new questions to the past and expanding the territory of the ‘sayable’.

Apply: write a 400 words abstract (Deutsch or English) that outlines your project and which historiographic challenges you would like to address in the workshop. Send abstract to boersma [at] before March 1st, 2018.

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