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/Feminist Media Histories: An International Journal/ / / *Special Issue on Middle Eastern Media* Guest Editor: **Eylem Atakav

We invite proposals for a special issue of /Feminist Media Histories/ devoted to Middle Eastern Media.  Considerations of difference in religion, nationality, race and ethnicity remain crucial to interrogating feminist media histories across diverse social and political contexts.  This special issue will explore feminist media histories in the Middle East, through an examination of different media forms, practices, audiences, and institutions.  We are interested in articles that are historical in scope and that consider a range of media including film, television, radio, video, playable media, and digital technology. 

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

* women’s media production and pioneers

* feminist activism and/in the media

* women’s use of media

* gender politics, cultural identity and the media

* women as consumers of media

We are also interested in photo essays, oral history interviews, and reprints of notable original documents.

Interested contributors should *contact guest editor Eylem Atakav* directly, sending a 300-word proposal no later than *February 1, 2016: * <>.**Contributors will be notified by March 1, 2016; articles will be due June 1, 2016.

/Feminist Media Histories /is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to feminist histories of film, video, audio, and digital technologies across a range of periods and global contexts. Inter-medial and trans-national in approach, /Feminist Media Histories /examines the historical role gender has played in varied media technologies, and documents women’s engagement with these media as audiences and users, creators and executives, critics and theorists, technicians and laborers, educators and activists. /Feminist Media Histories/ is published by the University of California Press. More information is available here:

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