CfP: Master Class on Media and History

IAMHIST Master Class on Media and History
Thursday, January 7 2016
Location: University of Southern California and€“ Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism


Are you a graduate or doctoral student, post-doc, or young professional currently working on a project in which you engage issues concerning historical film, radio or television or issues in media history? Are you interested in presenting your project to a small group of experts and peers? Then this master-class of the International Association for Media and History may be just what you are looking for. The master class deliberately has a broad scope, including any research in the field of media & history. But as this is a pre-conference event for the IAMHIST/Annenberg one-day conference on media histories of identity and place (January 8th 2016), proposals in this field are especially welcomed.

Participants are expected to give a short introduction to their project and to prepare some central questions for discussion. Senior members of IAMHIST will engage with your project and discuss sources and strategies for developing it further. Maximum 9 proposals will be accepted.

The day is designed to be a small-scale networking event for emerging scholars and media professionals and an opportunity to engage with leaders in the field in a less formal setting than an academic conference. There is no charge for attendance and lunch and an evening cocktail are included. Participants are expected to attend both the master class and the conference.

To apply for this event, send a 300 word proposal of your project and one paragraph bio to IAMHIST secretary general Leen Engelen (leen.engelen @ <>) and to IAMHIST president Nicholas Cull (cull @ <>). Deadline is November 30th 2015.

To find out more about the International Association for Media and History or to become a member, visit the website at <> or contact us at <>.

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